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Texas Semiconductor Technologies is a professional Dallas-based company providing sales and service for semiconductor manufacturing equipment across the globe.

Search our vast inventory to find the equipment or semiconductor spares you need, then contact us for a quote and to complete the purchase.

Large Inventory

With over 122,000+ parts in-stock and ready to ship, the solution to your semiconductor need is just a click away! Whether new, used, or refurbished, our expert team thoroughly inspects & tests each part before it leaves.

Quality Assurance

From the moment we receive your equipment, a service ticket complete with technician’s notes & pictures accompanies your valuable equipment into our cleanroom, as it carefully progresses through our repair facilities.

Project management

The launch team develops the requirements for each step and the supporting tasks, and then schedules the necessary resources.

On-Site Service

Our experienced technicians are available to diagnose and troubleshoot your equipment. Parts can be replaced with in-house inventory overnight.

Full scope of manufacturing

From designing, upgrading, troubleshooting, or replacing parts, we can get your company to the goal it needs.

Digital-first purchasing

We keep you in the loop with regular updates, pics, and timely reporting on your semiconductor equipment.

Confidentiality and
IP protection

Our highly trained staff are thoroughly vetted before they touch a piece of customer hardware.

We understand the technical
and business



Customer satisfaction rate. We work hard to deliver the best each and every day.



Lam tools readily available for sale, delivery, and setup direct to your location worldwide.



Years in business, and still growing!
We constantly strive to improve in order to deliver the best service around.

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We are always open for any kind of cooperation and looking for new promising projects

Benefits of our semiconductor supply chains and processes


Successfully refurbished and delivered Lam tools


World’s largest inventory of Lam tools and spare parts outside of Lam Research


Square foot facility with a cleanroom in Dallas, Texas


Highly trained technicians available in-house and on-site.

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